Modern Atlas

by Let It Go



released February 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Let It Go Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore melodic punk. FFO: Lifetime, Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music, Such Gold, etc

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Track Name: Diehard 2
So if you're ready to go home I'll grab my keys
If you'd rather walk alone I can always drag my feet
We can maintain the distance you needed to believe always existed
Yea it always existed

Its hiding under a smile
A sense that I've been here before
Damage done, the water is getting in now
"Never let go" seems so childish

Wrestled the wooden floor
The sun burned me alive
It seemed so real
Head full of facts and fiction

We'd all be liars if we said it didn't matter
It doesn't matter
Track Name: $5.50
We are not the stories that we tell
One day you will learn to shut me out
Planted lies and fiction where you finally laid down
Hope you'll understand
It's just how kids are

I'll cross the t's and dot the i's
Sign your name like i had the right

You were always there with a helping hand
I was there to brush it aside
Planted lies and stories where you laid down
I hope you'll understand
I'm just an asshole
Queen to king
Track Name: Sluggish
Dreaming desperately of a way out
Submerged, an intense burn, air being illusive
They lied there's no peace in this
(Searching for a catalyst)

We're too far off course
Our words echoed in the empty air
Indifferent faces against a sharp wind
We're too far off course
Our words echoed in the empty air
They lied there's no peace in this

A simple story
A vast empire
Enveloped in war
Collapsed down
Buried below
Evidence remains
Everything will change

I'm learning how to do everything right
Four wheels and pavement, a sea of red lights.
Track Name: Rise/Set
Hey remember that time
You thought the world revolved, revolved around you
The sun will rise just because you're alive
The sun will rise just because you're alive

Seems like a burden
You, the modern atlas
Consider taking time off
I swear we'll be here
I swear we'll be here

Hey remember that time
We thought the sun revolved, revolved around us
Running today and forever
A finish line a horizon away

Its all about risks
You - your concrete shoes
Me - my bare feet
Its all about risks

Open to failure
Trying to learn from mistakes
You sheltered, the fault is never your own
The fault is never your own.
Track Name: Age
"Listen" an old dog said to me
"Getting by shouldn't be your life,
Happiness is transient, negativity can be an anchor"

Hurry and grow old
Miserable with where you are
I now know that I know

"When you get to be my age nothing will be that easy"
And I try not to think that far ahead never want to lose my footing in today